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Eco Turtles Starter Kit

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What's Included:

4 x Multiuse 750ml Reusable Spray Bottle

1 x Multipurpose Eco Cleaning Tablet

1 x Sanitiser Eco Cleaning Tablet

1 x Degreaser Eco Cleaning Tablet

1 x Bathroom Eco Cleaning Tablet


Cleaning up our planet begins with cleaning our homes. The starter kit is the perfect introduction to reducing single-use plastic bottles in our home. 

Each tablet makes 750ml of cleaner in our reusable spray bottle.

Fill with water, drop in the tablet and get cleaning!

Each spray bottle has two spray options - a stream and a spray. Turn the nozzle 180 degrees to change the spray action.


Eco Turtles Cleaning Tablets are:

- 100% natural and organic

- Eco-certified

- Biodegradable

Quickly dissolves and removes odours with the power of effervescent technology.

- Each tablet makes 750ml of cleaning solution.

- One tablet per pack

- Approximately 720 sprays per 750ml using the Eco Turtles Reusable Spray Bottle.


EcoCert, ecological cleaning products certification guarantees environmentally friendly production and processing processes, promotion of the use of natural or organic ingredients, responsible management of natural resources and prohibition of petrochemical ingredients.


Eco Turtles Certifications:




Eco Turtles Reusable Bottles arrive empty as transporting liquid is costly and uses excessive amounts of fuel. We don’t want you paying to ship liquids around the world, plus we aim to minimize our carbon footprint.

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