Our Story

A Cleaner Planet Starts At Home

Having spent more than 20 years supplying major supermarkets, we had the opportunity to see first-hand how many products are sold to consumers that have little regard for our environment or our precious resources.
Witnessing this and feeling more and more anxious as the years went by, we decided to push as hard as we could to bring meaningful change to everyday household products and provide consumers with the opportunity to choose better and participate in changing outdated consumer habits in a meaningful way.
Our small team then focused on a plan to find solutions for everyday household consumables…products that are part of everyday life but are often taken for granted and need a major rethink to minimise the damage they do to our environment. A journey into understanding environmental impacts, carbon footprints, ethical ingredients and manufacturing processes lead us on an amazing path of discovery, where we quickly learned “eco” doesn’t always mean better.
We found that many everyday household products often started out with the best of intentions, but sadly many of these products have deteriorated over time into compromised alternatives that are no longer made with any ethical considerations.
With this understanding we then set about making sure our products always met the highest possible levels of ethical certification, while also considering how they are made, who makes them, what ingredients are used, where they come from, how they perform and most importantly, what long term impact they will have on our environment.
We also quickly learned that new environmental solutions are sometimes not perfect. They may require a degree of adjustment or patience to get the expected outcomes we have become used to from less environmentally responsible products. Our range is a constant evolution. We continue searching for new ways to achieve better outcomes that improve our products and as new technologies develop, we will continue to improve, update and expand our range.
We are excited to be among the builders of a community of environmentally conscious consumers who are just as passionate as we are about making a meaningful difference.
- Michael, Founder